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Our Books

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Artis Publishing Ltd


is a dynamic publishing company with a network of distributors world-wide specializing in the areas of Art, Photography, Design and Fashion.




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Suite 12, 2nd Floor, Queens House, 180 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 7PD, United Kingdom

International Sales:

Elena Shkarubskaya


Fax: +44 (0) 207 907 1463

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Our Goal


Our goal is to publish books that will inform, inspire and offer unique insights into extraordinary worlds. 


Our deliberately moderate price policy makes these books accessible to a large audience.

We are open for a large-scale co-operation with authors, interpreters, editors and everyone involves process of production highly artistic illustrated literature.


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10 Principles of Garden Design


by devoted gardener, journalist and author, Susie White, is an essential companion for anyone who wants to create an outdoor space

that will please the eye and delight the senses throughout the seasons.


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Crazy Photography


presents the work of more than fifty contemporary photographers from all over the world demonstrating how the way we capture and look at images has been revolutionized in recent years. By skillfully manipulating and playing with images, the artists challenge  our perceptions and beliefs, inducing in us an altered view of what seems to be familiar or ordinary.



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History of Fashion


New Look to Now traces the history of fashion design and puts them into the context of the world outside fashion. Covering haute couture to the emergence of deluxe, boutique and ready-to-wear, the book illustrates the trends in fashion over the decades. It includes not only the designers, but also the magazine editors, boutique owners, photographers and models.

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